Oxygen Facial

Oxygen Facial

Oxygen is a necessity if you want to have healthy, youthful looking skin. Oxygen helps protect and reverse damage from environmental pollutants that can harm our skin, but as we age, our bodies are less able to readily assimilate the oxygen in our blood into our skin. This oxygen deficiency leads to a multitude of issues, including a significant reduction in collagen and elastin production in the skin, which in effect, leads to the quintessential signs of aging, such as fine lines. The exposure of environmental pollutants and damaging sun rays is relentless, which leads to the oxygen facial’s appeal because it works with an element that’s essential to the body.

The oxygen facial reduces the appearance of lines and wrinkles by releasing moisturizers onto your skin, which absorbs quickly with the help of oxygen. Fine lines are insensibly subdued. The Oxygen Facial with Vaughan Laser & Anti-Aging Clinic is the ultimate hydrator that infuses vitamins and nutrients directly into your skin. By applying acid and a customized serum to the skin to reveal plumper, younger-looking skin visibly, you can also help the overall texture of your skin, which feels noticeably smoother after this facial.

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