AFA™ Antioxidant Peel

AFA™ Antioxidant Peel

Developed by board-certified dermatologist, Dr. Marvin Klein, AFA products provide effective exfoliation suitable for even the most sensitive skin. Formulated with highly stabilized acidic amino antioxidants, this cosmeceutical line is the first to maximize the benefits of optimal pH levels while producing little to no irritation. By combining potent exfoliators with a patented blend of amino-based filaggrin antioxidants, AFA skincare effectively treats hyperpigmentation, acne, rosacea, smooths fine lines and wrinkles and improves texture and tone across all skin types as well as improves the ability to retain moisture.


Smoother, softer and younger looking skin after the first visit?

Yes Please! Meet the AFA™ Antioxidant Peel, a simple two step procedure that smooths and refines skin for a more radiant appearance.

AFA™ Antioxidant Peels improve various skin conditions like sun damage, uneven texture, skin irregularities, and signs of aging.  This facial peel exfoliates skin while removing excess oil and other impurities without the irritation and dryness often experienced with glycolic peels and other Alpha Hydroxy Acids.  Available in 20-30-40-50 and 60 strengths, the AFA™ Antioxidant Peels provide a truly individualized treatment.


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