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Green Peel®

The GREEN PEEL® treatment is a medically-developed biologically-based method with exclusively natural plant ingredients, which has been successfully proven worldwide. This completely organic treatment consist of a herbal compound with interacting components achieving the desired treatment results. The secret to the natural peeling is a mixture of selected herbs which is worked into the skin. The idea of this method is a special massage of the herbs which stimulates blood circulation and helps to activate the metabolism of the skin. With these processes, the time the skin needs to renew itself is decreased from 28 days to 5-7 days – in a natural way.

After its debut over 60 years ago, Green Peel® has continuously developed into a system that can help many people with diverse skin problems achieve beautiful skin organically – with or without a peeling effect.

There are three types of Green Peel® Fresh Up, Energy, and Classic. During your complimentary consultation your Medical Aesthetician can advise on the best option for you and your concerns.

Green Peel® Fresh Up – The Freshness Kick – Without Peeling effect

The Fresh up is the most gentle of the 3 treatment methods. The skin is stimulated and refreshed – completely without peeling. The natural herbs help to stimulate circulation, pores open and the skin is able to optimally absorb ingredients. Green Peel® Fresh up lets the skin radiate with new freshness. Cells are vitalized and skin quality is sustainably improved. The perfect treatment for a tired appearing skin. Not only well suited for the face, it can also be applied to other areas that are exposed to light such as the hands. Also perfect for premature aging and loss of elasticity – and as a preventative measure when the skin does not show any visible signs of aging yet. Fresh up your skin with:

  • tired appearing skin
  • first signs of skin aging
  • pale complexion
  • revitalizing hands and cleavage

Green Peel® Energy – The Vitality & Regeneration Kick – Minimal Peeling Effect

Green Peel® Energy Peel provides the skin with noticeably new energy. The treatment stimulates blood circulation and cell metabolism, leading to a natural improvement of the skin texture with the potential of minimal peeling effect. Green Peel® Energy provides the skin with the natural energy it needs to renew the cells. It helps to reduce age-related skin appearances as well as impurities, scarring and pigment disorders. Skin appearance is visibly improved – perfect as a intensive treatment several times a year. Energize your skin for:

  • impurities
  • wrinkles
  • pigment disorders
  • uneven skin, scars

Green Peel® Classic – New Skin in 5 Days Regeneration & Renewal – With Peeling Effect

The Original Green Peel® Classic is a natural treatment method for skin renewal. As a problem solver, Green Peel® Classic is known worldwide to provide people with skin problems, such as impure and scarred skin, with beautiful healthy skin appearance within a quick 5 day process.

Day 1 – Treatment Day – Your skin may be slightly reddened and you may feel a tingling sensation. This is absolutely normal and shows the herbs are working for your skin. You will receive a home care set individually tailored for your skin type which supports the success of the treatment.

Day 2 – Any redness and prickling sensation decrease considerably. The plant ingredients enfold their full power and further accelerate the renewal process. Regularly apply the skin care products received.

Day 3 – Your skin begins to scale or peel. The intensity of the peeling process depends on the thickness of the cornified layer and the skin condition.

Day 4 – The renewal process has peaked. The upper layer of the epidermis dissolves steadily while ew young cells reach the surface.

Day 5 – Renewal Process is finalized with the Beauty Finish Treatment. During your appointment the remaining skin is gently removed and you can relax during a soothing mask.




The Green Peel® Classic is ideal for:

  • large pores, seborrheic skin
  • sun-damaged skin
  • wrinkles
  • hyperpigmentation
  • impure skin, sebum cysts
  • scars

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