Laser Vein Therapy

Spider Vein Therapy

Spider veins (telangectasias) are a common development from sun damage and from aging. Certain medical conditions and habits (smoking, alcohol) can also promote their development. They are cosmetically undesirable and can make the face appear older, flushed, or blemished. Sun and heat can make them more prominent. These benign vascular lesions are among the most frequent and challenging aesthetic complaints.

Spider veins usually take on one of three basic patterns. They may appear in a true spider shape with a group of veins radiating outward from a dark central point; they may be absorbing and will resemble tiny branch-like shapes; or they may be simple linear and appear as thin separate lines. Reticular veins are those deeper, darker veins that form bluish networks that criss-cross over the thighs and lower legs. Reticular veins are larger veins than spider veins and they are usually the source of spiders. Linear spider veins are commonly seen on the inner knee, whereas the absorbing pattern often appears on the outer thigh in a sunburst or cartwheel distribution.

Now men and women alike are making unsightly facial and leg veins a thing of the past, thanks to the Laser Vein Therapy. No more painful injections! With the most advanced technology, we can safely and effectively treat both tiny superficial face veins and deeper blue leg veins on men and women of all skin tones.

Laser vein therapy combines the ideal laser wavelength with the most flexible parameters to deliver a superior vascular laser system. It treats a broad range of vessels from tiny spider veins to deep blue reticular veins quickly, safely, and effectively. Patients with dark, light or tanned skin can experience outstanding results with minimal bruising or blistering.

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